Become a Partner Agency

"REMAIN INDEPENDENT, NOT ALONE" says it all about partnering with INSURICA. Our business is one of continuous change that presents new opportunities and challenges on a daily basis. Whether challenges are from competition, market fluctuations or the legal environment, INSURICA Insurance Management Network is here to stand beside its independent partner agencies. And when they have the opportunity to grow their revenue and profits, we are here to make sure they have the resources that they need to succeed.

Target Agency Profile

Retail Property and Casualty and Employee Benefits

INSURICA's appetite for retail agencies is broad in terms of size. We will consider agencies with as little as $750,000 in gross commission income and have the financial capability and desire to complete transactions with agencies as large as $50,000,000 in revenues.

We are interested in both property and casualty and employee benefits books of business. Agencies that are specialized in niche markets such as transportation or construction can be particularly attractive, especially if that niche can be exported to other members of the Insurica Insurance Management Network.

Wholesale Operations

INSURICA has a strong desire to add wholesalers, MGAs and MGUs to the group. As with retail agencies, niche wholesale operations are particularly attractive when the products and services can be marketed by the entire INSURICA enterprise.

Quality Management

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, there is one qualification for joining the INSURICA Insurance Management Network that cannot be overlooked. That factor is the availability of qualified management going forward. INSURICA is not in the "bailout" business and is not seeking agencies that have financial difficulties. Our Hands-Off Management Approach makes day-to-day oversight of troubled agencies a virtual impossibility, so operational excellence is paramount in our system.

Individual Producer Books of Business

INSURICA is also interested in attracting individual producers with existing books of business. The terms and conditions under which these books can be purchased vary greatly depending on the circumstances. Insurica strives to be the place where producers want to work and can receive a competitive package for moving and growing their book.