Agency History

CT Kelly’s father began the agency in the 1940s; the company became CTK in 1974 and moved to Anaheim. In 2006, CTK North American Insurance Services joined INSURICA Insurance Management Network.

Areas of Specialization

CTK North American specializes in all types of insurance products and services for the staffing industry, including Temporary Help Firms, Medical Staffing, Homecare Staffing, Nurses Registries, Employment Agencies and PEOs.

What Makes Us Unique

Because we specialize only in the staffing industry – and have been specializing in this category for over thirty years – we know staffing, inside and out. We have a pulse on the industry, understand current and long-term trends and are aware of employment laws that can exacerbate exposure. We also know the full range of insurance products available to the staffing industry and write a sizable book of business with every staffing carrier, providing us true market clout in this category.

CTK works with a wide range of staffing clients – from small start-ups to multi-location and mid-sized regional staffing firms, including those with nationwide franchise operations.


CTK is virtually a national player, and currently represents clients in nearly forty states.


CTK is a member of:

  • American Staffing Association (ASA)
  • California Staffing Professionals (CSP)