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June 2023
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The Healthcare Affordability Gap: Employer Confidence Meets Employee Skepticism

The burden of paying for healthcare benefits has grown substantially for many employers. As the average expense for employee healthcare is projected by the Society for Human Resources Management to increase by 6.5 percent in 2023, surpassing $13,800 per employee, businesses of all sizes struggle to balance their budgets while ensuring their workforce remains healthy and productive.

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Reimagining Retirement: The Case for a Return to Pension Plans

As the retirement crisis looms, experts are exploring innovative solutions to ensure a secure financial future for America’s workforce. One such solution is a return to pension plans, which could provide the stability and affordability employers and employees seek.

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Employee Satisfaction: Multicultural team clapping their hands and smiling while standing in the creative office. Celebrating success

Strategies for Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

Recent data reveals a troubling trend: employee satisfaction with workplace benefits has reached its lowest point in a decade, falling to 61 percent in 2023 from 64 percent in 2022. As employers navigate a rapidly changing landscape marked by inflation, mental health challenges, and ongoing pandemic-related issues, employees are calling for more comprehensive support. Experts argue that a re-evaluation of employee benefits, grounded in data-driven insights, is necessary to address these concerns and bolster workplace satisfaction.

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Supporting Employee Mental Health : Photo of serious-looking people, talking to each other during group therapy.

Supporting Employee Mental Health After Tragic Events

A rising number of mass shootings have been reported across the United States in recent years, with a significant increase in 2023. These tragic events considerably impact employees’ mental health, making it essential for employers to offer support in these challenging times. Experts emphasize the importance of providing resources and assistance to maintain a mentally healthy workforce

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