What to Expect and Steps After Your Claim is Filed

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Claims Management

Simply stated, it’s the transactional handling of a company’s insurance claims. At INSURICA, we define claims management a little differently. We view our role as “a partner in your company’s profitability.” By thoroughly understanding the complex intricacies of your business, our industry-specific claims experts are able to uncover often overlooked risks and opportunities that have a direct impact on reducing and controlling your claims costs.

Our Approach

When it comes to managing your claims, our hands-on approach promotes prompt reporting, early intervention, aggressive investigation and timely settlements. We do this by:

  • Reviewing claims for proper coverage when reported and forwarding to the appropriate insurer.

  • Promptly paying all claims which are payable within draft authority.

  • Assisting insurer and client with information flow, policy information and interpretation.

  • Facilitating investigative meetings and payments of bills by the carrier.

  • Reviewing individual claims with clients to determine and evaluate status, reserves and disposition of claims.

  • Negotiating with insurer on claims where coverage is questionable.

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