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Taking care of patients is your primary goal. But today’s highly litigious environment all too often forces medical staff to focus on staying out of court instead of being in the exam room.

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A Holistic Approach To Risk Management

Just like you, our goal is to prevent issues before they become problems. We do this by listening, observing and interacting with staff, administrators and risk managers. We also analyze your current operations and past claims in order to uncover correctable trends. It all adds up to a comprehensive plan designed to help our clients prevent or reduce risk that may result in a claim or lawsuit.


  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Physicians and Clinics
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Home Health and Hospice Agencies
  • Community Health Clinics/FQHCs
  • Allied Healthcare
  • Medical and Physician Staffing Agencies

Our in-depth understanding of your business allows us to uncover often unseen risks and opportunities that can dramatically lower your exposure and costs.  Quite literally, we dig deeper to help you identify your exposure and efficiently minimize your risks through proven loss prevention and loss reduction techniques.

Recruiting and retaining the best and brightest is critical to your long-term success. All too often, the difference between a “loyal career” and “just another job” comes down to employee benefits. But unfortunately, after payroll, employee benefits are the largest budget item for most businesses.

At INSURICA, our Employee Benefits Experts can help you develop and implement a benefits program designed to motivate your employees while minimizing your cost.

We are proud to be an Assurex Global Partner. Assurex Global is the world’s largest privately-held risk management and commercial insurance brokerage group. Due to Assurex Global’s worldwide partnership, collaboration tools, and communications infrastructure, all Assurex Global Partners are capable of servicing your accounts across the globe with equal precision and localized service.

Alternative Risk

Alternative Risk

Self insurance, large deductible plans, captive insurance…Our programs are tailored to fit your specific needs.



We define claims management a little differently. We view our role as “a partner in your company’s profitability.”

Loss Control

Loss Control

Loss control has become one of the most important elements of your business’s insurance program.

RM4U for Healthcare

What is RM4U for Healthcare?

Educating Clients with RM4U

Perks of Becoming Best-In-Class

Specialized Coverages for Your Operations

  • Active Assailant Prevention Program

  • Captive Design and Management

  • Cyber Liability and Billing

  • Employee Benefits

  • Executive Liability (D&O, EPLI, Crime and Fiduciary)

  • Medical Equipment Maintenance Program

  • Professional and General Liability Insurance

  • Property

Healthcare Industry Experts

INSURICA’s Healthcare Experts can help your business stay healthy by avoiding risk before it becomes liability. Our dedicated team brings years of practical experience and cost-saving insight to nearly every area of the healthcare industry.

Ben Rowland

Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer

Cedric Donaldson, DPT, CLCS

Property & Casualty Healthcare Producer – Hospitals, Physicians, and Community Health Centers

Cris Norris

Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer – Hospitals and Home Health/Hospice

Devin Stewart

Property & Casualty Healthcare Producer – Hospitals and Home Health/Hospice

Drew Smith

Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer – Physicians

Jackie Lomely

Property & Casualty Healthcare Producer – Community Health Centers and Physicians

Ken Anderson, CIC

Property & Casualty Healthcare Producer – Senior Living

Lance Wolff

Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer

Lauren Chambers, TIIA

Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer

Lauren Records

Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer

Leah Saylor BSN, RN, CPHQ

Healthcare Clinical Risk Consultant

Leesha Call, MSW, CLCS

Property & Casualty Healthcare Producer – Physicians and Home Health/Hospice

Natalie Mocias, CISR, CLCS

Property and Casualty Healthcare Producer – Medical Staffing

714.779.2000 x3112


Phillip Smith, MHA, CPHRM, CIC, RPLU

Healthcare Practice Leader

Ron Keegan

Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer

Sheila Seidensticker

Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer

Steve Groth, CSP, ARM

Property & Casualty Healthcare Producer – Senior Living and Home Health/Hospice

Steven Knutson

Property and Casualty Healthcare Producer – Medical Staffing

714.779.2000 x3115


Thomas Seuthe, SHRM-CP

Employee Benefits Healthcare Producer

Tim Martin, CPS, CFPS

Risk Control Consultant

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Today’s insurance programs must take into account the unique challenges faced by each client. In addition to a strong coverage program, some businesses may need advanced services. INSURICA has the additional Client Services required by complex business operations.

Navigating the Cyber Insurance Claims Process

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Cyber incidents—including data breaches, ransomware attacks and social engineering scams—have become increasingly prevalent over the past decade, impacting organizations of all sizes and industries.

Supporting Employees During Mental Health Awareness Month and Beyond

April 3rd, 2024|Blog, Healthcare, News, Risk Management, Trending|

Employee mental health has become a workplace topic of increased focus and awareness in recent years. An employee’s mental health includes how they think, feel and act, and their emotional and social well-being. While mental health includes mental illness, these two concepts aren’t interchangeable. For example, an employee can go through a period of poor mental health but not necessarily have a diagnosable mental illness. Additionally, an employee’s mental health can change over time, depending on factors such as their workload, stress and work-life balance.

Best Practices for Patient Safety in Healthcare Facilities

March 6th, 2024|Blog, Healthcare, News, Risk Management, Trending|

Strategies, when implemented effectively, can contribute to a safer and more reliable healthcare environment for patients and healthcare providers.

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