Loss Control

Comprehensive programs to reduce risk and minimize loss.

Loss Control and Risk Services

INSURICA created their Loss Control and Risk Services department recognizing a need for quality, professional services to assist our clients in controlling their rising cost of insurance. Our Risk Control consultants provide professional and technical services to assist clients in identifying and solving loss prevention issues. To fulfill this role, they design, implement, monitor and manage all phases of risk control services for INSURICA’s Risk Management clients.

Our Approach

While our goal is simple, to reduce the financial impact on your organization, our support, services and tools are wide and deep:

  • Needs Assessment – To determine areas of concern.

  • Safety Program Audits – Both general hazard assessment/control and comprehensive evaluation of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Mock OSHA Consultations – To assess written programs, recordkeeping, training, and plant conditions.

  • Loss Analysis/Trending and Accident Investigations – To determine problem areas and accident trends and set objectives.

  • Training – Compliance and general safety training for supervisors, managers and safety committee personnel.

  • Job Safety Analysis and Job Hazard Assessments – To determine job elements and safety measures needed.

  • Ergonomic Assessments – Both general workplace assessments and specific workstation analysis.

  • Machine Guarding Surveys – Assess safeguarding, including compliance with applicable OSHA standards.

  • Supervisor Safety Skills Training – To improve the supervisors’ effectiveness in safety.

  • Written Safety Program Development

It all comes together to form a comprehensive loss control program designed to reduce risk, minimize loss, and lower your total cost of risk through reduced insurance premiums – based on your SPECIFIC business needs.

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