Our Industries

INSURICA is made up of insurance and risk experts who specialize in core industries such as yours. From construction to hospitality, transportation to education and beyond, our industry-specific knowledge, risk and loss control expertise allows us to uncover often-overlooked risks and opportunities. Our fourteen industry practices represent our core areas of expertise, so you’re not just working with insurance experts – you’re also working with experts within your industry. By placing a priority on industry expertise, we’re able to develop unique and valuable relationships with our clients that go deeper than traditional insurance agents.


Too much rain, too little rain, too hot, too cold, increasing costs, federal regulations, mandates, liabilities, welcome to the world of agriculture.


Our rock-solid reputation in construction insurance is recognized throughout the industry. We’re also expert surety partners, allowing you to capitalize on every growth opportunity.


INSURICA’s Education Experts bring the experience, guidance and resources you need to uncover and manage unforeseen risks on and off campus.


Our comprehensive approach to insurance and risk management begins by analyzing energy-focused business operations from the ground up.


INSURICA Environmental Experts are here to help you manage and mitigate environmental risk.


Our Financial Service Experts are here to help you identify, manage and avoid costly exposures – promoting growth during these uncertain financial times.


Our dedicated team brings years of practical experience and cost-saving insight to nearly every area of the healthcare industry.


Our Hospitality Experts will create a comprehensive program designed to lower risk, minimize insurance claims and positively impact your bottom line.


Our customized programs are tailored to the assets, earnings and liabilities of manufacturing businesses.


Our Ministries Practice was created to assist churches, non-profit organizations and para-church ministries with risk management and insurance solutions.


INSURICA’s Not-For-Profit Experts will help guide, assess and craft coverage plans to meet your specific organization’s needs.

Oklahoma Energy Insurance

Our comprehensive approach to insurance and risk management begins by analyzing energy-focused business operations from the ground up.


Our Staffing Experts manage risk and develop products and services to specifically address staffing exposures.


Our Technology Experts create customized and comprehensive coverage plans to keep your company on the technology fast track.


Our Transportation Experts begin by fully understanding and analyzing your operations, driver processes and regulatory compliance procedures.