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Coverages To Consider


General Liability Property Coverage

Costs for property damage claims against your business.


General Liability Medical Expenses

Medical expenses if someone gets injured at your company.


General Liability Advertising Claims

Advertising injury claims against your business.


General Liability Administrative Claims

Administrative costs to handle covered claims.


General Liability Court Costs

Court costs, judgments and settlements for covered claims.

General Liability: Trip and Fall

As you bring groceries in from your car, you trip over a client’s cat and fall into the homeowner. She breaks an arm in the fall and demands your business pay for her medical treatment. General liability insurance would cover her medical expenses.

General Liability: Kitchen Fire

While cooking a dish in your client’s kitchen, you accidentally catch a dishtowel on fire and in turn a large painting catches fire. General liability insurance would cover the cost of replacing your client’s damaged property.

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Disability and Accidental Coverage

What happens if you get hurt or sick and can’t work? Our accident and disability products are here for you.


$18.33/Month for Individuals

If you have an injury from an unexpected accident — big or small, in work or life — accident insurance might just be your most unexpected hero. Accident insurance works by paying you directly (not your doctor’s office) so you can use the money as you need it. Self-employed individuals can use accident insurance to pay business or household bills, food and gas, or medical expenses like co-pays. You decide!


Prices Based On Coverage Level

As an independent contractor, disability insurance is likely important to your work-life world. Why? If you become sick or injured and can’t work for some time (and it’s confirmed by a doctor) disability is designed to cover up to about 70% of your paycheck or income. That’s why it’s sometimes nicknamed “paycheck protection.” Basically, disability insurance for independent contractors is designed to help make ends meet until you get back on your feet.

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