Ministries range from a few dozen parishioners at a Sunday sermon to congregations that number in the thousands.

The INSURICA Ministries Experts understand that the needs of religious organizations are both highly focused and ever-changing in terms of their scope and outreach. From the pulpit to youth camps and basketball leagues, from children in the nursery to teens in high school and adults in Bible study classes, from the far-reaching journeys of your mission trips both throughout the United States and beyond, your churches ministries and needs are constantly evolving and expanding.

Devotion To Your Ministries.

Our team of Ministries Experts does not just provide the skills and insight it takes to meet the specialized requirements of your ministry, we also bring the respect and devotion you and your congregation deserve. We become your partner in ministry by going beyond the traditional agent relationship and providing additional services, including:

  • Assistance with a Church Handbook
  • Establishing Guidelines for Volunteers
  • Establishing Congregational Safety Procedures
  • Facility Use Agreements
  • 15-Passenger Van Training
  • Background and Reference Checks

Put The Power Of An Entire Network Behind Your Ministry.

Through the INSURICA Insurance Management Network, you’ll have access to ministry-specific coverages and services, such as:

  • Sexual Abuse and Misconduct
  • Pastors Professional Liability
  • Counselors Professional Liability
  • Coverage for Volunteers
  • Travel Accident for Missions