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July 2023
Mitigate Employee Recession Fears and Pandemic Effects by Boosting Employee Wellness: a young business professional taking a moment to meditate at her desk.

Mitigate Employee Recession Fears and Pandemic Effects by Boosting Employee Wellness

Even as the dust of the pandemic begins to settle, employers face an urgent challenge: enhancing employee wellness amid fears of recession and lingering effects of the pandemic.

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Rising Mental Health Problems at Work: a young business professional sitting at his desk with his hand over his face as he appears stressed.

The Silent Crisis: Rising Mental Health Problems at Work

An undercurrent of mental health issues is disrupting workplaces across the United States, leading to concerns about productivity, engagement, and retention.

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Major Changes in HSA and HDHP for 2024: a person sitting at a desk with a calculator, pen and paper and laptop

The IRS Takes on Inflation: Major Changes in HSA and HDHP for 2024

High inflation continues to shape the economic narrative of the nation. Now the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has responded by unveiling significant modifications to the health savings account (HSA) and high-deductible health plan (HDHP) limits for the year 2024.

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How to Compete in Today’s Tight Labor Market: a prospective employee shaking hands with the person conducting the interview.

How to Compete in Today’s Tight Labor Market

The 2023 labor market continues to tighten, creating challenges and opportunities for employers. Compensation is a key aspect of these dynamics. Mercer’s latest data reveals that pay increases this year are the highest since the 2008 financial crisis.

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