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EnergyComp powered by INSURICA is a new work comp program from CompSource Mutual, designed exclusively for Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry. Program participants go through an Energy Risk Assessment and receive premium credits based on their overall scores.

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What is EnergyComp?

What is an Energy Risk Assessment?

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EnergyComp is a 4-Step Process

The Energy Risk Assessment

The Energy Risk Assessment is the foundation for the EnergyComp program. This 38 question assessment dives into all areas of risk management, including Culture, Fleet/Auto, Workers’ Compensation, Health and Safety, Environmental, and Contractual.

The Risk Report

The Risk Report is the result of the Energy Risk Assessment. In this report, EnergyComp will provide a total overall score, as well as scores for each area of the assessment. In addition to the Risk Report, each participant will also receive a Risk Reduction Plan, outlining three specific risk management priorities for improvement.

Submission to CompSource

After quantifying and scoring the Energy Risk Assessment, the results are reported to CompSource Mutual. The information provided from the Energy Risk Assessment provides a much more in-depth understanding of a business’s risk management processes than a typical insurance submission.

Receive a Quote

CompSource believes that businesses should be rewarded for safety and their investments in building strong safety cultures. Best-in-Class businesses deserve Best-in-Class pricing. Based on participants’ total overall score on the Energy Risk Assessment, premium credits exclusive to EnergyComp will be given.

EnergyComp is Open to All CompSource Appointed Insurance Brokers

EnergyComp powered by INSURICA is committed to helping all Oklahoma energy businesses improve their risk profiles and get credit for the investments they’re making. Program participants can access the EnergyComp program through any licensed independent insurance agent who is appointed with CompSource Mutual.

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