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Cyberbullying Protection Plan

With school starting up again, student bullies are back in class and more connected than ever. Cyberbullying has increased at a troubling rate over the past 18 months and continues to be a significant risk. At INSURICA, we strive to keep you informed and up to speed on emerging risks and potential coverage gaps that could affect you and your family. Cyberbullying is an emerging risk and our partners at the Hanover have created a protection plan for families facing the risk of cyberbullying.

INSURICA can help you add a home cyber endorsement to your existing homeowner’s insurance policies to provide added protection.

A home cyber endorsement includes a variety of valuable coverages, such as:

  • Private tutoring expenses — Students may need to stay home from school for mental health reasons, therapy appointments, or for longer periods in more severe cases. To keep children from falling behind, families often hire in-home tutors. This is a costly expense that could be covered by a home cyber endorsement.
  • Alternative schooling — While  bullying might occur virtually; a student may seek alternate schooling. Enrolling in a new school can be expensive, especially if the student attends a private institution or requires extra transportation costs. For example, a covered incident could include a situation in which a child traumatized by cyberbullying is advised by a mental health provider that changing schools is recommended for optimal recovery. A cyber policy could cover some unreimbursed enrollment expenses for relocation costs to switch to the alternate school.
  • Counseling services — Bullied youth (and families) often benefit from ongoing counseling. GoodRx reports that an average hour-long therapy appointment can cost up to $250, and some comprehensive endorsements may cover these costs as a result of the bullying incident.
  • Related legal expenses — Cyberbullying can result in families retaining legal services to remove online content or simply to seek legal advice. Innovative insurance carriers provide policyholders with coverage for some legal expenses if needed.
  • Social monitoring software or apps — Look for a carrier that covers the purchase of mobile applications, social monitoring software, and web-based products to prevent further bullying. For example, if parents believe their child isthe target of consistent online bullying, they could purchase social monitoring software to prevent further cyberbullying of their child. These expenses could be covered by a cyber policy.

INSURICA is here to help you navigate the risks of cyberbullying. Please contact us today for additional coverage advice or solutions.

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