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In 2021 alone, there were 34 school shootings, 24 of which occurred after August 1.

A shooting on November 30, in which a student killed four people and injured seven at a Michigan high school, was the deadliest school shooting since May 2018. As of the end of 2021, there were 92 school shootings since 2018.

There are telltale signs that an individual will carry out a school shooting. In the case in the source article, the student posted on TikTok. When several people reported this, law enforcement officers were able to arrest the student. This prevented him from potentially killing several other students and school employees.

What are the characteristics of student threats that mean violence is about to ensue?

The FBI divides threats into four types: direct, indirect, veiled, and conditional.

Direct threat – a direct threat identifies a specific act of violence to be carried out against a specific target. Direct threats are clear and explicit such as, “I am going to bring a gun to school tomorrow and shoot students as they try to exit the main doors.”

Indirect threat – an indirect threat implies violence, but the communication is vague, unclear or uses ambiguous language. A statement, “I could kill everyone in this classroom if I decided to,” is an indirect threat. The language usually suggests that the student could carry out an act of violence; not that he or she necessarily will carry out the threat.

Veiled threat – a veiled threat implies, but does not threaten violence. A veiled threat is a statement like, “All the coaches are so stupid they don’t deserve to breathe air.”

Conditional threat – a conditional threat warns that a certain violent act will occur unless specified conditions are met. For example, “I will put a bomb in the cafeteria unless you fire the principal.”

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