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In the aftermath of a global pandemic, employers face a new array of employee needs, particularly regarding mental health. Four strategies are emerging that could radically transform the dynamics of employee well-being.

Meeting the Needs of New Parents

Employers are grappling with fallout from the pandemic, including postpartum depression, which increased 30 percent during the pandemic years. Employees transitioning into parenthood require robust support. During the pandemic, 46.5% of women experiencing postpartum depression received no treatment, highlighting a gap in mental health care that requires urgent attention.

Promoting Time Off to Recharge

Employers are reassessing time-off policies to ensure employees fully recharge. While Americans average 17 days off annually, those with unlimited PTO only take 10 to 13 days off. This suggests that having unlimited PTO doesn’t necessarily lead to well-rested employees. To address this, employers are rethinking their strategies and promoting policies encouraging employees to disconnect fully during their time off.

Leveraging Technology for Personalization

Digital tools, including artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing how employees access and understand their benefits. A rising trend among employers is creating comprehensive global websites that break down benefits and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), making these accessible and understandable to all employees and their families.

Creating Inclusive Mental Health Benefits

Despite growing awareness and support, the LGBTQ community remains at a higher risk for mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance use disorders. Despite their best intentions, many employer-sponsored mental health programs fall short of meeting the unique needs of these employees. The key is inclusivity, creating mental health programs that reflect the distinct and nuanced needs of LGBTQ employees.

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