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INSURICA is pleased to announce that Zodrow & Neighbors Insurance, LLC, has signed an agreement to join the firm. Owasso-based Zodrow & Neighbors will enhance INSURICA’s presence in Northeast Oklahoma, bringing additional specialty expertise to the state’s largest independent insurance agency.

“Bill Zodrow and Matt Neighbors have long been recognized for their expertise in protecting churches and faith-based organization throughout Oklahoma. Their deep knowledge and commitment to this important industry is an excellent fit for INSURICA and our existing Ministries Practice. We are thrilled to welcome this group of professionals to our family,” said Mike Ross, INSURICA CEO.

“Our team is excited to become part of INSURICA,” commented Bill Zodrow, President of Zodrow & Neighbors. “With the additional resources and broad geographic footprint of INSURICA, we will be able to make an even greater impact within the community we serve. We see our business as a mission and our mission field has just been expanded.”

Under the direction of INSURICA Tulsa President Joseph Sanchez, plans are underway to relocate colleagues in Zodrow’s Owasso office into the historic Beacon Building, INSURICA’s downtown Tulsa location. Additionally, both Zodrow and INSURICA have offices in Sand Springs which will be combined in the near future.

INSURICA handled the merger internally with a team led by John Hester, Sr. VP of Mergers and Partnerships. Financial due diligence was performed by INSURICA CFO, Ed Young, and Accounting Manager, Cindy Wheatley. The deal will be effective on June 1, 2018 and is INSURICA’s fifth acquisition this year.

INSURICA places $1.5 billion in annual premiums and has over 530 employees in 29 offices located throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Arizona, and California.

Kevin Wellfare, VP Marketing

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