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Employers Focus on Well-Being as Workers Return to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic forced employers and employees alike to adapt to a new way of working. This means working from home, at least part of the time for many. Now that some employees are starting to return to the office, employers are focused on keeping them safe and healthy.

According to the 13th Annual Employer-Sponsored Health & Well-Being Survey, 83% of respondents stated that employee well-being would play a significant role during the return. As employees adjust to working in an office again, employers will face new challenges, even as many are being proactive in addressing them.

Many companies are instituting a variety of initiatives, such as mental health (91%), physical health (60%), and work/life balance (57%). In addition, 60% of the organizations surveyed stated that most of their employees would work under a hybrid model in 2022. Of these, 50% said they expected their hybrid workers to be in the office three days per week.

Over half of the respondents also stated they would be focusing on job satisfaction as part of their well-being program.

Large Employers Increase Well-Being Budgets

Employers with over 20,000 employees increased their 2022 budgets for well-being programs to $11 million, compared to $10.5 million in 2021. Incentives are still a significant part of well-being programs, with the average financial incentive rising by 22% to $823 per employee.

Asked why they were implementing these well-being programs, most employers cited increasing productivity (68%), lowering health risks (63%), and managing healthcare costs (52%). However, 39% stated their goal was to improve their company’s reputation and brand.

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