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The Evans Agency Joins INSURICA

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (January 04, 2022)

INSURICA is pleased to announce the Evans Agency as its first partnership east of the Mississippi River. The Evans Agency joined the INSURICA network in October 2021, with the goal of serving as a foundation and a bridge to opportunities for partnership and/or acquisition with other minority-owned businesses. The Evans Agency is led by CEO Maurice Evans and COO Reginald Thompson. The agency was founded in 2016 and since then, the company has grown to seven colleagues and produced $1 million in revenue with offices in Jackson, Mississippi, Quincy, Florida, and Birmingham, Alabama.

“We are ecstatic about our new partnership with the Evans Agency,” said Mike Ross, CEO, and President of INSURICA. “Maurice and Reggie bring to the INSURICA community proven and valuable expertise in several key areas, including insurance and risk management consulting for municipalities, a deep understanding of “minority business enterprise” opportunities in the public entity bidding programs, and outstanding construction insurance and surety knowledge. Maurice and Reggie are true students of the game, and we are eager to complement their expertise with valuable resources, collaboration, and market access. This is just the first step in the expansion of the INSURICA community with minority-owned agency partnerships.”

The Evans Agency says its founding vision is to be a best-in-class commercial insurance agency whose leadership reflects a diverse community with the capacity to serve clients both large and small. The agency’s vision is directly aligned with INSURICA’s.

“We have an opportunity to be the bridge that unites diversity and inclusion with excellence, in an industry that so desperately needs it,” said Maurice Evans, CEO, and President of the Evans Agency. “As Andy Stanley once said, “We see what could be and what should be!” With INSURICA we can now make it become what it should be. We are honored and excited to join the INSURICA team.”

From Reginald Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of the Evans Agency:

“I’m excited to have a partner in INSURICA that has the technical capabilities and leadership that will allow us to realize the fullest potential of our agency and staff,” said Reggie Thompson, COO of the Evans Agency. “We believe that our partnership with INSURICA will show the industry that people from diverse backgrounds can thrive in the industry. We hope to use our experience to bring value to the INSURICA family.”

Learn more about the Evans Agency:

Jackson, MS Location
Quincy, FL Location


Placing over $1 billion in annual premiums for our clients, INSURICA is among the 40 largest insurance brokers in the United States and is currently the 24th largest privately held independent agency in the country.

INSURICA employs more than 600 colleagues in 33 offices located throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, California, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. We are constantly looking to expand our network with partners who bring additional value and expertise to the enterprise and our clients.

Our focus on finding quality and experienced partners, coupled with the resources of Assurex Global positions INSURICA as one of the preeminent insurance brokerages in the country and further emphasizes our customer pledge that we “Specialize in You.”


Asia Johnson, Content Creator
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Asia Johnson
Asia Johnson
Asia has nearly a decade of media and communications expertise. She collaborates with a number of internal and external departments to create marketing assets for INSURICA.

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