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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (August 06, 2020)

INSURICA, the 23rd largest privately-owned insurance agency in the U.S., has entered into an equity partnership with Kansas City-based Broker Source, to introduce its EnrollSource platform to the agency’s small business clients.

INSURICA, who generally targets middle market business, recognizes that online insurance for small businesses is a rapidly growing segment of the industry. Five years ago, the agency launched its technology-based INSURICA Express as a high-touch property and casualty service platform for small business owners. More recently, Express has added its own lead generation division in order to increase reach.

“INSURICA Express has been incredibly successful but we realized that in order to truly serve the small business sector, we were missing an equally efficient way to provide group and individual benefits products. We began working with Broker Source about eighteen months ago and quickly realized an opportunity to collaborate and build out this missing piece through their EnrollSource platform,” said Mike Ross, CEO of INSURICA.

EnrollSource is a proprietary technology that provides access to quote major medical, senior products and non-medical benefit products. The easy-to-use platform provides carrier and plan information needed to present comprehensive insurance solutions to individual, group and senior clients.

“We’re excited to work closely with INSURICA and bring their vision of a unique insurance buying experience for small business owners through a blend of human interaction enabled by robust technology,” said Torre Nigro, president of Broker Source. “The EnrollSource platform will certainly fulfill that need.”

The transaction was effective August 1st and was handled internally by a team led by John Hester, Sr. VP, and Ed Young, CFO.

Kevin Wellfare, VP Agency Development

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