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Small business is at the heart of our nation’s growth. But running a small business is fraught with complications, not the least of which is insurance. With so many factors to consider, the process of buying insurance for your small business has become a hassle and you just don’t have time for it. With that in mind we developed INSURICA Express, an exclusive program developed for the small business owner.

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Benefits of INSURICA Express

  • A specialized account team

  • Electronic Transactions

  • Access to Multiple Insurance Companies

  • e-Pay

  • Fast Service

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Today’s insurance programs must take into account the unique challenges faced by each client. In addition to a strong coverage program, some businesses may need advanced services. INSURICA has the additional Client Services required by complex business operations.

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Making simple changes in your workplace can save energy and resources, and help preserve the environment. This article lists some easy ways to conserve.

Preparing Your Business for Wildfire Season

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Wildfires may strike without a warning at any time, so it is critical to prepare your business before and after the catastrophe. Take proactive steps to keep everyone safe and time for your emergency plans to be reviewed and revised.

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Medical Marijuana Legal and Financial Risks That Are Commonly Faced

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Dispensary owners need to be careful that they adequately protect themselves from both the legal and financial risks that are commonly faced by those in the medical marijuana industry.

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