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4 Myths Of Cannabis Insurance
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Specializing In Your Cannabis Operations

With so many factors to consider, the process of buying insurance for your cannabis business can be a large undertaking. We understand it’s difficult to find the time to research the right fit when it comes to selecting your insurance partners. We have thoughtfully and strategically taken the time to develop processes, build out resources, and craft solutions to meet the needs of cannabis owners in the following areas.


Responsible cannabis growers seek proper insurance coverage that fully covers their business.

Working Together

We help guide you through the ins and outs of grower insurance. Answering questions and learning about your business along the way. Working with you to decrease potential losses and provide peace of mind.


The way a cannabis plant is harvested and processed after the harvest has a significant impact on the finished product.

Product Liability

Because of the sensitive nature that comes along with the processing of the cannabis flower its highly important proper coverage is in place in the event of an incident.


As a distributor you are exposed to several risks you may or may not be aware of.

Risk Assessment

Our team members work with you to make sure that you are covered during the procurement, transport and sale of cannabis and cannabis products between the licensed businesses you serve.


Your industry is constantly evolving. Helping you map out ways to withstand new laws, regulations and the up and downs of the market is at the core of what we do.

Work Comp and General Liability

Both of these coverages are of high importance and should never go over looked. Protecting yourself, your business, and your employees will assist in the longevity and success of your business. As a top 50 insurance agency we are able to deliver national resources through a local agent relationship.

In addition to the areas highlighted above we also serve cannabis landlords, property managers, smoke shops, and manufacturers.

Your industry is growing . . . and so are the risks. Choose an advisor that can guide you forward!

The expected growth of the cannabis industry in the US by 2030 is $100 billion (Flowhub, 2021).
It is expected that the cannabis industry will generate an additional 250,000 full-time jobs by 2024 (Marijuana Business Factbook, 2020).
It is estimated that 55 million US citizens are cannabis users (Fit Small Business, 2019).
The estimated contribution of cannabis businesses to the US economy by 2024 is $130 billion (Marijuana Business Factbook, 2020).

RM4U: Our Proven Process

Our proven risk management process, RM4U Cannabis, can be broken down into four categories. These categories form a risk management cycle that allows our clients to improve over time, ultimately helping them take advantage of best-in-class pricing while avoiding costly unseen catastrophes.

Risk Analysis

Assessing the potential impact of those exposures and using the results to identify areas of risk reduction.

Development and Implementation

Utilizing the results of the analysis to form a strategic risk reduction plan, as well as a service calendar for plan implementation.

Monitoring and Maintaining

Providing accountability through stewardship and continual risk management assessment, advice, and analysis.

Discovery and Identification

Identifying and examining our client’s exposures through the Risk Management Assessment.

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Client Testimonial

Our colleagues and company as a whole have benefited greatly from our relationship with INSURICA. The professionalism, expertise and industry specific resources Drew and the INSURICA team are able to provide are best in class. They have brought a wealth of knowledge, timely results and sound solutions in our partnership and I can confidently say that I highly recommend their services.

MARCHEL M. • Greeley, Colorado

Trending News For The Cannabis Industry

Today’s insurance programs must take into account the unique challenges faced by each client. In addition to a strong coverage program, some businesses may need advanced services. INSURICA has the additional Client Services required by complex business operations.

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