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Keeping U in Mind: Managing Your Fleet Risk in 2023

By |2022-12-07T15:10:45+00:00December 6th, 2022|Blog, Safety Tips|

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stated that most road related fatalities occur on highways where there are seat belt requirements and traffic laws, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 2020 annual traffic crash data reported over 38,000 fatalities related to U.S. traffic crashes. This creates a serious conundrum for insured and insurers alike.

Site Preparations – Well Control Activities

By |2022-12-06T18:35:53+00:00December 4th, 2022|Blog, Energy, Safety Tips|

Properly trained personnel are essential for well control activities. Well control consists of two basic components: an active component of monitoring the pressure of the drilling fluid, and blowout preventers as a passive component.

Q4 2022 Essentials for Plan Sponsors

By |2022-12-02T18:15:15+00:00December 1st, 2022|Blog, Employee Benefits|

The RxDC reporting requirement requires employers to submit prescription drug data to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Department of Treasury, and the Department of Labor (DOL). The deadline is December 27, 2022. Some of the required information includes:

Five Critical Issues for Employers Reporting 2023 ACA Compliance

By |2022-12-02T18:04:47+00:00November 29th, 2022|Blog, Employee Benefits|

According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), applicable large employers (ALEs) are obligated to offer full-time employees and dependents affordable minimum essential health coverage. They must also report to the IRS information about the health coverage plans they offer.

Businesses Expand Employee Benefits Offerings to Attract and Retain Top Talent

By |2022-12-02T18:05:51+00:00November 28th, 2022|Blog, Employee Benefits|

In today's competitive labor market, offering traditional benefits like healthcare is no longer enough to attract and retain top talent.

Online Tools Help Employees Make Better Benefits Choices, Boost Engagement

By |2022-12-02T18:06:43+00:00November 27th, 2022|Blog, Employee Benefits|

The traditional enrollment process for employee benefits, which often involved filling out paper forms and waiting for them to be processed, has shifted towards an online platform. Employers are now seeking ways to improve this experience by incorporating decision-support tools.

The Importance of Properly Storing Flammable Liquids

By |2022-11-09T18:47:56+00:00November 9th, 2022|Blog, Personal Insurance|

Flammable liquids are present in nearly every workplace. Gasoline, diesel fuel, and many common products such as solvents, thinners, cleaners, adhesives, paints, waxes and hand sanitizer may be highly flammable or combustible. If used or stored improperly, flammable and combustible liquids can cause serious injury or death.

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